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The upselling links for ezUpsell are the same upselling links that you configure in your X-Cart admin section when you add/modify a product.
We have updated ezUpsell to be compatible with TeleFirma's image mod. Just submit a support ticket requesting an updated version of ezUpsell, including your order #, and we will send you the latest version. All that is required is an upload of 1 PHP fil...
Yes, the arrows are images which you can replace with images of your own. ezUpsell also includes layered photoshop (.PSD) files of the arrows which can be used to quickly and easily make changes.
By default in x-cart, the category of the product is passed through the product URL, then ezUpsell uses the categoryid to return the user to the product category. If no category is specified however, then the user is returned the products main category.
Solution Due to a bug in x-cart 4.01 you may find the ezupsell mod does not install correctly, in order to fix this issue please do the following In the wishlist.php this code was causing the problem: if ($login == "" && ($REQUEST_METHOD == "POST"...