How can I use an x-cart static page to create a 404 error page when using CDSEO?
Posted by Nick Poindexter on 04 March 2010 04:35 PM
X-Cart allows you to create 'Static Pages' which are content pages that utilize your store layout. These pages are dynamic, meaning they update with content as you change your site, making it ideal for content display. You can use such a page to create a dynamic 404 error page when using CDSEO as follows:

1. In your x-cart admin section, click on 'Static Pages.'
2. Add a 404 static page with your desired content, and be sure to uncheck "Show a link to the page in Help menu?:"
3. Note the pageid of this new page. The pageid will be passed in the url, i.e. pages.php?pageid=X
4. Open modules/cdseolinks/cdseo_errorpage.php


if (!defined('XCART_SESSION_START')) { header("Location: ../../"); die("Access denied"); }

REPLACE with (where X is your numeric pageid):

if (!defined('XCART_SESSION_START')) { header("Location: ../../"); die("Access denied"); }
$pageid = $HTTP_GET_VARS['pageid'] = 'X';
include $xcart_dir.'/'.pages.php;

DELETE everything below this in the file.
5. In your CDSEO Admin->Settings page, be sure not to specify a "Custom 404 Error Page."

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