What is the process in moving from DSEFU to CDSEO Pro?
Posted by Nick Poindexter on 04 March 2010 04:33 PM
The process of upgrading from DSEFU to CDSEO is as follows:

1. Remove the SAFETYNET DSEFU code from:
-> auth.php
-> modules/Froogle/froogle.php
-> home.php (if applicable)
-> manufacturers.php (if applicable)
-> pages.php (if applicable)
-> product.php (if applicable)
2. Remove the .htaccess code for the DSEFU rewrites.
3. Install CDSEO Pro.
4. Setup 301 redirects from DSEFU to CDSEO Urls following this tutorial: How can I redirect DSEFU urls to CDSEO Pro urls?

After changing your urls, there will be a reindexing period, generally 0-60 days, during which your rankings may fluctuate while google reindexes, after which you should see SEO improvement; we've only ever received positive feedback from clients that have migrated.

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