Newsletter sender stops sending emails
Posted by Nick Poindexter on 04 March 2010 04:03 PM
For the newsletter sender to suddenly stop working is normally a result of something changing on the server:

Please take a look through the following to troubleshoot:

1. Your host has automatically changed any .pl permissions means that the CHMOD permissions on mm_files/ has been changed, please check that this is 0755. We also recommend you ask your host if anything has been done to your account or server recently.

2. Your mm_files/ folder permissions have been changed, please make sure this is set to 0777 as MM must be able to write to the folders

3. Your host has changed the number of emails you can send out per hour and is automatically killing the process in which case you need to alter the mailing speed of Marketing Manager by changing the mm_files/ Again please ask your host if any restrictions are in place.

4. Your web developer has changed folders/copied folders/uploaded backup files without taking into account file permissions

5. Your host may have changed the location of Send Mail or settings in send mail. In this case you can swith to using the PHP mailer which can be done by opening mm_files/mm_config.php in a code editor and changing the relevent highlighted lines.

If the above do not put you on the right track and you require us to preform a re-installation for you this can be ordered from our installations category on where we will re-install all the software and ensure it is operating as it should.

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