Will Feed Manager work on a customized x-cart site?
Posted by - NA - on 25 September 2012 04:07 PM
Solution Feed Manager has it's own breakout interface.

Things that won't affect Feed Manager:

* Customized skin
* Third party mods from BCSE, WebsiteCM, Firetank Software
* URL rewriting schemes (CDSEO, XCSEO, XCSEO Pro, DSEFU, DSEFU Pro, Clean URL's are all supported)
* Any standard Qualiteam x-cart module / skin
* Websitem CM's hidden categories mod

Things that may break Feed Manager functionality:

* Customized database structure (extra tables, extra fields)
* Using existing database structure in non-standard ways (non-integer product numbers, adding new product statuses)
* Image management mods (Feed Manager will export the images x-cart knows about, but not the images managed by some third party mods)
* Changes to func_realpath
* Changes func_query

If you have any questions as to whether or not your customization will cause problems, please submit a ticket so we can investigate in more detail.

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