Can’t I just call you and give you my project details?
Posted by Stacy Sater on 27 June 2012 03:54 PM
Our philosophy is to detail the project work within the ticket. We do this for multiple reasons:
1) All of the requirements are located in one place and visible to all employees that may have contact with the project.
2) All of the requirements are specified in writing, located in one place and visible to the customer for agreement.
3) We have found that requirements given over the phone have a tendency to be misunderstood by one or more of the parties and can result in vastly different expectations.
4) We want to make sure that all requirements are captured and it is very easy to miss a requirement when talking on the phone and taking notes.
Sometimes it is necessary to review details on the phone for a quote. We can schedule a call for this but prefer to have as much detail in email to prepare for the call as possible

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