The shipping delivery time not showing or is incorrect in the One Page Checkout.
Posted by - NA - on 04 May 2011 03:51 PM
By default the checkout shows an estimated time based on the default settings. If you have a custom time, or want to show exact times make the following edit to the modules/Checkout_One/checkout_one_shipping.php file:

Change this code near line 75:

$xml .= ''.(intval($v['shipping_time']) ? intval($v['shipping_time']).' '.func_get_langvar_by_name('lbl_day_s', false, false, true) : '').'';


$xml .= ''.str_replace('~~~~|lbl_day_s| ||~~~~', func_get_langvar_by_name('lbl_day_s', false, false, true), $v['shipping_time']).'';

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