Automating a Feed using google base as an example
Posted by - NA - on 07 December 2010 02:15 PM
Here's how to automate a feed with feedmanager using Google Base as an example:

1. Set up your google feed as normal in feed manager.

2. Download it manually and upload it to your google base account to ensure google accepts it.

3. Set up your FTP login/password in google base (see google for help if you haven't done this before).

4. Back in feed manager you need to set the google feed to FTP mode by ticking the checkbox for FTP.

5. Enter your FTP information here as per your google FTP settings, make sure the folder used is root so enter a single slash / for the folder portion, the filename should be named exactly as per the one you set up for the test account.

6. Click "Save settings" in feed manager

7. Click the "Autourl" button in feed manager to create a new autoURL, this will give you a link to use for triggering the feed when required.

You can then set up a scheduled cron as per the instructions in our Knowledge base. The command you use can be tested in SSH to make sure it works.

Note: Depending on your server you may have to use a variation of a Cron command, in general you can use GET, WGET or LYNX

To set up a cron or windows scheduled task follow these instructions:

Server Cron (recommended),7

If you are on Plesk you can set up a "Scheduled Task"

If you are on Cpanel you can set up a "Cron job"

Windows (relies on a PC running 24/7),7

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