I've installed the Feed Manager, how do I get started? What's next?
Posted by - NA - on 07 December 2010 11:13 AM
SolutionOnce you've installed the Feed Manager, the next step is to sign up for an account with each shopping portal site where you'd like to list your products.

After you've signed up and been accepted, make sure you know where to locate their documentation on their feed specification. You will need their explanation of what fields they accept and what they expect in each of the fields.

Once you have their feed specification, use the "Adjust Feed Mapping" button in Feed Manager and make sure that the available fields are exporting the information in your store that best matches what the shopping portal expects. Also, check to make sure you're including all of the appropriate fields for your shop. You can add or remove fields as needed.

After all of the fields are setup, submit a test feed to the shopping portal. If the feed gets rejected, the shopping portal should give you a reason. If you do not receive a reason, write an e-mail or open up a trouble ticket with the site and ask them why your feed isn't being accepted.

Once your feed is accepted, then you set up an auto url and cron job to make sure the feed is submitted regularly.

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