Software Upgrade policy
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SolutionFiretank Upgrade policy:

Applies for Firetank Software developed products (all products with Firetank name or Logo on the graphics, or part of our Marketing manager/ Feed Manager series)

For all products:

1. All Firetank Software products come with 3 months of download support valid from the date of purchase. During this time you can download the latest version of the software for your minor branch of x-cart, a minor branch of x-cart is considered 4.0.X where the X has changed on the 3rd digit example 4.0.1 to 4.0.18 is the same branch.

2. Download support is renewed either by purchasing it directly from the upgrades area, or renewed by purchasing any Firetank Software product. This has a global effect on all your licenses.

3. Minor software upgrades are available (example single use mods such as advanced sitemap) as long as your download support is active for free.

4. For major x-cart branch changes, example going from x-cart 4.0.X to 4.1.X or 4.2.X may carry a small cross grade charge (normally $19.99) on large multifunction products such as the Marketing Manager series or Feed Manager series.

However if your upgrade happens within the first 3 months of your initial purchase of that product then the upgrade will be free.

5. If your site relies on 3rd party products please ensure you check the availability of these products before upgrading to a new branch.

6. Firetank Software’s policy is to provide upgrades in line with an X-cart branch becoming stable. This means if you choose to use an x-cart beta branch, the upgrades may not be available, this is due to the fixes x-cart implement before a branch goes stable and becomes recommended for live site use.


1a: This policy does not apply to 3rd party software from our partners which are all treated differently. If you require information on these products please raise a ticket for the correct department in our helpdesk.

1b: This policy does not apply to customized versions of our software, if you had software specifically customized to meet your needs, then move x-cart branch and the work needs to be redone to accommodate this then this will be handled on a case by case basis

1c: Installation charges are treated separately to this upgrade policy, if you require re-installation this must be ordered again.

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