Configuring Outlook Express for Email
Posted by Gary Jolley on 26 January 2009 03:14 PM
You will need the following information from BCSE before you configure your mail server.

• Server Name
• User Name
• Password

Once you have that information please take the following steps

1. Outlook Express
2. In the Menu Open Bar select Tools then Accounts.
3. Click Add button and then select "mail".
4. In the Wizard that pops up, enter your name or the name you would to have appear on your emails and click next
5. Enter your new email address @ (for example, and click next.
6. Select the type of mailbox that you would like to use, IMAP or POP. (See the link below for "Should I use IMAP or POP")
7. Enter the Server Name in both the Incoming and Outgoing server boxes, and click next.
8. Enter your User Name in the Account name box.
9. BCSE recommends that you un-check the Remember Password box. (This make outlook prompt for your password every time you open it.)
10. If you choose to have Outlook remember your password, enter your Password in the Password box.
11. Press the Finish button, this should bring you back to the Internet Accounts window.
12. Now click on the Properties button, this will bring up a new box with 6 tabs.
13. Select the "Servers" tab and check the "My server requires authentication" checkbox at the bottom.
14. Select the "Advanced" tab and check box "This server requires a secure connection (SSL) boxes.
15. Change the box for "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" from 25 to 465.
16. Press the OK button, and this will take you back to the Internet Accounts window.
17. Select Ok in that window, and you should be prompted for "Would you line to download folders...". Select Yes.

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