Reports appear wrong
Posted by - NA - on 07 December 2010 10:45 AM
SolutionSeveral factors can effect major changes in the way Marketing Manager reports / customer searches work:

Order statuses:
Marketing Manager only scans orders within a certain status range. This prevents fraud, canceled, declined, and incomplete orders from being included with your numbers. You can see which order statues are included on the main page in Marketing Manager by examining the "Orders to scan during searching and reporting" field. The default setting is CBP (Completed, Backordered, Processed orders).

You can change this setting by editing the $_scan_orders variable in your xcart/admin/mm_files/mm_config.php file. Possible statuses include:

* I - Not finished
* Q - Queued
* P - Processed
* B - Backordered
* D - Declined
* F - Failed
* C - Complete

Date differences
X-cart stores the dates in the database as the database server's default timezone, and uses adjusts the order dates/times displayed later with the time offset setting. Marketing Manager queries the database directly and doesn't use the timezone offset.

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