Should I use IMAP or POP
Posted by Gary Jolley on 26 January 2009 03:08 PM
BCSE recommends IMAP to its customers. The IMAP protocol leaves the mail messages and their state (Read, Unread, Replied, etc.) on the server. This is convenient for users that check their email from more than one machine. It also safer, because the email is stored on a server that is backed up nightly.
IMAP is slightly different to operate than POP. In the Microsoft Outlook clients the IMAP Inbox is separate from the Outlook Inbox. When the user deletes a message from a mailbox, it is not immediately removed. To completely remove the message the user must press a "Purge" or "Expunge" button. Some clients can be configured to expunge the mailbox then the user exits the client.

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