How can I display the On Sale discounts with the Firetank Featured product manager?
Posted by - NA - on 01 December 2010 10:22 AM
Make the following edits:


Find this code near line 870:

return $product;

Before this add:

// On Sale :: //
global $xcart_dir;
if ($active_modules['On_Sale']){
require $xcart_dir."/modules/On_Sale/onsale_func_select_product.php";
// End On Sale //


Change this:

$product_info = func_select_product($productid, @$user_account['membershipid']);

to this:

$GLOBALS['loading_product_page_info'] = true;
$product_info = func_select_product($productid, @$user_account['membershipid']);
$GLOBALS['loading_product_page_info'] = false;

And add this to the featured products manager style template (this varies depending on the template chosen when installing the featured products module:

{* On Sale :: *}{if $active_modules.On_Sale}{include file="modules/On_Sale/onsale_img_display.tpl" onsale=$products[product].onsale}{/if}{* END On Sale :: *}


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