After insert:

Find this code near line 47:



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[MODIFICATION] Change the search statistics to display the search terms sorted in the order from most to least searched.
Posted by - NA - on 01 December 2010 10:12 AM
This X-Cart modification will display the search terms in the Management -> Statistics -> Search statistics section sorted in the order from most to least searched. This can give you a better idea of the most used search phrases on your store.



Find this code near line 65:

$statistics = func_query("SELECT * FROM $sql_tbl[stats_search] as ss WHERE $date_condition ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT $first_page, $objects_per_page");

Change it to:

$statistics = func_query("SELECT *, COUNT(*) as amount FROM $sql_tbl[stats_search] as ss WHERE $date_condition GROUP BY search ORDER BY amount DESC LIMIT $first_page, $objects_per_page");


Find this code near line 31:

{$lng.lbl_search_string} Count {$|date_format:$config.Appearance.datetime_format} {$v.amount}

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