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How do I remove the "Other Manufacturers..." link in my side navigation box?
Posted by - NA - on 30 November 2010 01:45 PM
Open skin1/modules/Manufacturers/menu_manufacturers.tpl In X-Cart 4.2.x or greater Find: {if $show_other_manufacturers}
  • {$lng.lbl_other_manufacturers}
  • {/if} In X-Cart 4.1.x Find: {if $show_other_manufacturers}
    {/if} In X-Cart 4.2.x or greater Replace with: {*if $show_other_manufacturers}
  • {$lng.lbl_other_manufacturers}
  • {/if*} In X-Cart 4.1.x Replace with: {*if $show_other_manufacturers}
    {/if*} Save the file and upload to the server and refresh, the link should be gone.

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