What's the difference between ezUpsell for XCart and ezRecommends for XCart?
Posted by - NA - on 30 November 2010 01:41 PM
ezUpsell and ezRecommends both serve the purpose of upselling products to the user, but have very distinct differences that allow them to complement each other.

ezUpsell upsells the user recommended products based on a specific product immediately after that product is added to cart. The recommendations are set by you as “Upselling Links” in the x-cart admin modify product page.

ezRecommends upsells the user based on the users entire cart contents during the checkout process, after login/account creation. All of the products in the users shopping cart are evaluated and a combination of upselling links and order history for the products are evaluated to generate recommendations. ezRecommends also allows you to specify specific products that are always recommended at checkout, such as warranty, insurance and/or gift wrapping.

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