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How do I get the product name to show up at the top of my tab content on X-Cart 4.1 and 4.2?
Posted by - NA - on 30 November 2010 01:32 PM
SolutionIf your skin previously had the product name in the top of a dialog box and you are on X-Cart 4.1.x or 4.2.x you may not have your product name displayed prominently on your product page anymore.

We suggest doing something like this:

1. Open skin1/customer/main/product.tpl

2. Find:
{capture name=dialog}

3. Add this after it:
{if $active_modules.WCM_Dynamic_Product_Tabs AND $config.WCM_Dynamic_Product_Tabs.tab_product_details eq 'Y'}



4. Save and uploaded the file and now your product name is in a H1.

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