What if I want one of the modules to appear in its normal location (not in a tab)?
Posted by - NA - on 30 November 2010 01:10 PM
SolutionIt is very easy to move a module back out of a Tab and back into its regular dialog box below the product.

We will do Customer Reviews module as an example.

1. Disable the Tab in the Dynamic Product Tabs Admin by clicking on the Tab name and then changing the Tab Status to "Disabled".

2. Open skin1/customer/main/product.tpl and find the block of code you pasted in for Step 6 of your Dynamic Product Tabs install.

3. Copy the code for the module you want.
For Customer Reviews on X-Cart 4.3.x:

{if $active_modules.Customer_Reviews}
{include file="modules/Customer_Reviews/vote_reviews.tpl" }

Paste it down below this:
{* / WCM - Dynamic Product Tabs *}

4. Save the file and upload it to the server. You should now have a customer reviews module that is not in a tab but in its normal spot below the product details.

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