How to have Newest Products in the Menu area
Posted by Carrie Saunders on 09 September 2006 04:03 PM
In the installation, replace step 3 with this step:

3). Add the following line to xcart/skin1/customer/home.tpl where
you would like this information to appear:

{include file='customer/fts_newest_products.tpl'}

** Hint: If you're stuck on where to add the file above, we recommend placing it below this line (this will put it below your cart):

{ include file="customer/menu_cart.tpl" }

In the fts_newest_products_display.tpl you picked, find this line:
{include file="dialog.tpl" title="Latest Additions" content=$smarty.capture.newest_products}

And change it to this:
{ include file="menu.tpl" dingbats="dingbats_orders.gif" menu_title="Latest Additions" menu_content=$smarty.capture.newest_products }

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