How do I slow down or speed up the sending of emails?
Posted by Carrie Saunders on 19 March 2010 09:26 AM
To speed up or slow down how fast Marketing Manager Newsletter Sender sends open up your file.

1. Look for this code:

# Pause, as not to hurt the server
if ($i % 3 == 0) {

This code will send 3 emails and then wait 1 second, send 3 more emails then wait 1 second, etc.

2. If you want it to send faster, change the 3 to a larger email. This will make it send more emails then wait 1 second.

3. If you want it to send slower, change the number in the sleep command. For example, if you want to pause 10 seconds, put a 10 instead of a 1.

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