A customer has emailed me to say that when they get to the checkout on my site their cart gets emptied/cleared and they cannot complete their order when using IE8, MSN, or AOL, or Verizon, or any other browser IE based that is not IE.
Posted by Nick Poindexter on 04 March 2010 05:24 PM
The issue is MSN (and other IE based browsers) will present itself as a different browser when you load a page with the MSN web browser vs when you make an AJAX call with the MSN browser. This causes X-Cart to delete the session thinking someone is trying to steal/hack the session.

In the stock configuration X-Cart cannot have any AJAX functions using the IE8 or MSN browser without losing the session.

To fix:


Method #1

Method #1 is already included in One Page Checkout version 1.3.10 and above.

Download: checkout_one_sessions.php and then upload the checkout_one_sessions.php file to your web server in the /modules/Checkout_One/ directory

Full path: /modules/Checkout_One/checkout_one_sessions.php

Make the following change:


Find this code near line 435:

# Prepare session

Immediately BEFORE insert this code:

// Checkout One :: //
@include $xcart_dir."/modules/Checkout_One/checkout_one_sessions.php";
// End Checkout One //


Method #2

If after making the changes above you continue to have problems please try the following:


Change this near line 430 or 590 (depending on your version):

function func_skip_fingerprint_check() {
return defined("SKIP_CHECK_SESSGION_FG");

to this:

function func_skip_fingerprint_check() {
return true;
return defined("SKIP_CHECK_SESSGION_FG");

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