What is IP restricted mode? How do I set this up with the One Page Checkout?
Posted by Nick Poindexter on 04 March 2010 05:22 PM
Setting up your test environment:

Because the checkout process is such a critical part of your store the One Page Checkout contains a built in feature to limit the One Page Checkout display to only select IP addresses.

1. Determine your IP. Your IP can be found by going to

2. Open the modules/checkout_one/checkout_one_init.php file and add your IP to the $checkout_ips array. Example:

$checkout_ips = array('', '');

3. After including your IP (and any other IP addresses that you would like to use the One Page Checkout for testing), be sure to thoroughly check the different checkout sections.




Shipping Totals & Methods

ALL Payment methods (be sure to test each individual payment method).

PLEASE NOTE: The One Page Checkout has been extensively tested with many different X-Cart configurations. However, because X-Cart is open source and is commonly modified, and because there are hundreds of different configuration settings it is very important that you verify the checkout is working correctly on your store. If you have any problems please open a support ticket.

4. After you have thoroughly tested the checkout installation remove the IP addresses from the $checkout_ips array. Empty this should be:

$checkout_ips = array();

5. The One Page Checkout will now be used by ALL customers at your store.

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