How can I limit a customer to one coupon with the On Sale module?
Posted by Nick Poindexter on 04 March 2010 05:12 PM
One of the features of the On Sale module is to allow multiple coupons to be used by a customer at one time. If you would prefer a customer only be able to enter one coupon make the following edit: skin1/modules/Discount_Coupons/add_coupon.tpl Find this code near line 12:
Immediately BEFORE enter: {if !$cart.onsale_coupons} OR {if !$cart.onsale_coupons && $cart.coupon_discount == 0} The 1st option will allow one X-Cart coupon, and one On Sale coupon. The 2nd option will allow only one coupon per order regardless if it is an X-Cart coupon or On Sale coupon Then find this code near line 30:
Immediately after add: {else}

Limit one coupon per order.

{/if} The text can be changed as needed.

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